Module 2

When training you get the use of a bike, helmet, jacket, gloves and water resistant over trousers if needed. You can wear any long trousers and footwear but jeans and boots are better for safety(if you have motorcycle trousers, they'll give you more protection).

For tests you must wear boots, they don't have to be motorcycle boots, as long as they come up over your ankles then they're fine, e.g hiking boots.

Module 2 is the on-road practical test thats is very similar to a car test.

My training lasts for 4 hours but can be tailored to suit you, some pupils take 2x3 hour sessions to get more riding experience for peace of mind.

You must have a valid CBT certificate, a Module 1 pass certificate and a provisional licence to undergo the test.

What is Module 2?

Module 2 is the on road aspect of your licence, it usually takes 40 minutes.
Normally the test includes:

  • an eyesight check
  • ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
  • road riding
  • independent riding

The examiner will usually follow on a motorcycle and give you instructions using a radio (you would have used a similar system with Chris). It is also possible that the examiner may follow in a car.

Road Riding

The road riding part of the test is to get you riding in different road and traffic conditions, during the test you will be asked to carry out "normal" stops, a hill start and an angled start from behind a parked vehicle.

Independent Riding

The examiner will ask you to ride independently for 10 minutes by either giving you directions to memorize or by giving you a location to follow on road signs. This allows the examiner to asses your ability to ride safely while making your own decisions.(Don't worry if you forget instructions or make a wrong turning

More information can be found at the website or by talking to Chris!

4 hours @ £30p/h = £120

Module 2 Test = £75

Bike hire on test day = £60