Compulsory Basic Training

When training you get the use of a bike, helmet, jacket, gloves and water resistant over trousers if needed. You can wear any long trousers and footwear but jeans and boots are better for safety(if you have motorcycle trousers, they'll give you more protection).

For tests you must wear boots, they don't have to be motorcycle boots, as long as they come up over your ankles then they're fine, e.g hiking boots.

The CBT can take up most of the day training, we will always go at your pace to get you as comfortable as possible in handling a scooter or motorcycle correctly and safely.
We start on a safe off road environment to get you comfortable, when you're ready we will progress to a road ride to get your road awareness up to scratch and to also give you invaluble experience with a 2 wheeled vehicle on road.

At the age of 16 you can use a 50cc scooter for the CBT and once obtained the CBT lasts for 2 years, meaning that when you turn 17 you may ride a 125cc scooter or motorcycle without any further training.

If you're 17 or above you can complete the CBT on a 125cc motorcycle with gears or a 125cc scooter(automatic), same applies as above with the duration of the CBT lasting 2 years.

After obtaining a CBT certificate you can ride the road with your respective engine size while displaying L plates.

I have riders that use 125cc bikes for commuting as the bikes get up to 120 miles per gallon!
They just return every 2 years to renew their CBT.

The CBT is explained in more detail below.

CBT Cost = £120


For the introduction I will explain the course in detail so that you can understand what is expected in the day and also cover all of the legalities of riding a motorcycle.

On-site training

At this point I will show you all of the controls available on your scooter/motorcycle and what they do. I'll also show you how that bike is started and how to perform checks to ensure the scooter/motorcycle is safe to be ridden on the road.

On-site riding

Now, is what you've been waiting for!? the time to get on and ride!, We'll begin by showing you how to use the clutch, throttle and brakes. Once you're moving and after some practice we will progress to manoeuvres such as the figure of 8, slow riding etc and then on to how the gears operate if you have chosen a geared bike!
Finally on to observations like lifesavers and using OSMPSL (Observation Signal Manoeuvre Position Speed Look).

On-road training

Once you are confident using the bike in the off road area we will take a break, go over the highway code, rules of the road and some valuble tips to keep you safe and ready for road riding.

On-road riding

Finally we will get you out on the road so that we can get you the experience and see how you find it. Depending on how you take to it and by showing me that you're safe and confident on the road I can then decide on the outcome of your CBT. Hopefully at this point I will be handing you your CBT Certificate!!